Whitetail Deer Gestation

Whitetail deer gestation lasts almost 7 months, which amounts to about 200 days, give or take a few days. They mate in the late fall starting about October and running through December. whitetail deer gestation, a younger and an older doe standing in the woods

Their mating season is what is referred to as the rut, with the peak season being around mid to late November for older does.

A Whitetail doe will produce fawns every year.

Over half of first year fawns will breed that year, making them about 6 months of age when they are able to reproduce.

A young first year doe will usually give birth to only one fawn, but the older does generally have twins and sometimes triplets.

The fawns are born throughout early May and into June. The majority of them are born in June, but there can be some that are born in August and even September, but that is not the norm.

Nearing the end of the gestation period for whitetail deer, the doe will choose a place to deliver her fawns. The older and more dominant does take their pick of where to give birth.

gestation period for whitetail deer, a doe nursing her triplets

They will separate from the other deer and will if necessary, tussle with a competing doe for the preferred spot.

This will usually be in an area with heavy brush, but once the fawns are born, she will move them to another location.

It takes a doe a couple of hours to deliver her young, and they are generally born about 20 minutes apart.

They are born front feet and then head first.

Once the fawns are delivered, the doe will clean them up, plus any trace of evidence of their birth, including blood and amniotic fluids. This is obviously for concealing them from predators.

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