Making Pre Patted Venison Burgers

A Great Way to Preserve Your Deer Meat!

We love to pre-pat and freeze our venison burgers.

By patting them out before freezing them, this allows us to take them out of the freezer, and within a few minutes, we can easily insert a knife between the layers, and pop them apart to cook, even though they are still frozen.

This is truly a great time saver, since we do not have to wait for them to thaw!

venison burgers venison

We use a hamburger press to form our venison patties, and this is the best money we have ever spent!

It is an inexpensive item, that makes the burgers uniform in size, and is so easy to use.

After grinding our deer meat into the specific venison hamburger recipe that we want to make and freeze, we use an ice cream scoop to form the balls, before pressing.

We did experiment with various sizes of scoops until we found the one that makes our burgers about 1/4 pound size. This is a slightly larger than normal ice cream scoop.

hamburger press venison

After forming the balls, we simply flatten them in between 2 sheets of wax paper on the hamburger press, stack, wrap, and freeze!

Since we have 5 kids that also hunt, and eat like hogs, we form and freeze about 1000 venison burgers a year, and use a single patty press, but you can buy double presses.

I can't guarantee that a double patty press, will save you any time though, as it seems that putting the wax paper on the surface, is actually the only time consuming job there is to this project!

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