Venison Burger Recipe

Nothing beats the taste of a good ole hamburger, and we don't have just one great venison burger recipe, but two, that we are sure you'll love!

The great thing about grinding your own deer meat, is that you can go ahead and add other meats to it, to make it as flavorful as you want, before freezing it.

One of our favorite recipes for burgers, is to add pork to the grind. venison hamburger recipes, a big juicy venison burger

When making the pork burger, we do a 1/3 ratio of deer meat to pork.

If we want 9 pounds total, then 6 pounds is venison, and 3 pounds will be pork.

We do weigh the different meats to know that we have our mix correct.

You will want to buy the fattiest ribs you can find, since deer has very little fat in it.

When preparing the different meats to grind, first cut the chunks, then spread and mix the game and pork chunks evenly in a tub, before grinding it, to ensure a nice distribution of the blends of meat.

After running it through the grinder twice, we flatten it with a hamburger press and freeze the patties. This is a delicious recipe!

Another recipe we make is the bacon burger.

For this burger recipe, we do 1/4 ratio of venison to bacon, and again, the fattiest and cheapest bacon you can find, will be perfect.

On the bacon burgers, cook at a lower heat since bacon burns quickly, and this holds true even when it is mixed in with the deer meat for patties.

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