Recurve Crossbow

Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning One

There are some advantages to using a recurve crossbow as opposed to compound crossbows.

A recurve has tips that curve away from the person that is shooting it.

They are lighter weight, therefore making them easier to carry if you have a long distance to travel before getting to your hunting stand.

The light weight of a recurve is a plus for women and children, and also makes it easier to pick up quickly to aim at your target.

A recurve is usually cheaper in price since there are less parts and having less parts also means less things to go wrong with it.

camouflage recurve crossbow laying in grass

They are quieter when they are fired, as they do not have cams and a cable in motion.

This type of bow needs very little maintenance.

As long as you keep the trigger cleaned, keep the rail lubed, change the string periodically, and/or put on a new serving, a recurve will last you many years.

Another advantage is when changing the string, you do not have to have a bow press, although it is always safest to use one.

The strings can be changed by using a bastard string, and some of the newer recurves come with one.

If for any reason you would need to change your string in the middle of a hunting trip, it could be done, rather than your hunt being over with.

black and white drawing of recurve

The disadvantages to using a recurve is that they are harder to cock. You are the one pulling the weight all the way until it is in the cocked position, which can be quite hard to do.

Many hunters compensate for this by using a string cocker, which helps reduce the amount of strength needed to cock them.

Even when cocked, recurve limbs are longer than a compound, which can make it a bit harder to maneuver in tight areas, to make your shot.

Many people suggest that new crossbow hunters use a recurve.

We find it to simply be a matter of personal preference. Take your time, look at, compare, and shoot the various ones on the market, then make your decision.

If you do decide to go with a recurve crossbow, you will want at least a 150 pound draw for deer hunting.

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