Muzzy Broadheads

When it comes to crossbow hunting, we love our Muzzy broadheads!

My first encounter with a Muzzy was at an archery shop.

There was a rock, approximately 4 foot in size, that was in the driveway.

The salesman used a 90 pound bow equipped with a Muzzy and shot the rock.

The arrow shaft looked like an accordion and was totally wasted.

One tip of the Muzzy was slightly flattened and one blade had a chunk out of it, but overall, the broadhead was still intact!

The rock however, had a small chunk blown out of it!

I've been using them ever since!

I figured if they could penetrate a rock, I knew they will penetrate deer ribs and sure enough, they've never disappointed me!

They are known as fixed blade broadheads.

They work well under any situation, but they are especially great when shooting from a blind, as a mechanical should not be shot through any type of screening.

They do come in different weights, size of cut, and number of blades. We prefer the 3 blade, 100 grain.

If you place a small, rubber O ring on the shaft of the broadhead, this will allow you to easily tune it, which helps with better flight pattern.

If you want archery tools that hold up under extreme pressure, a Muzzy is it!

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