Deer Hunting Scent Control

When hunting, scent control is extremely important, especially if you are trying to shoot a mature buck!

Whitetail deer have a much better sense of smell than we do, and you can inadvertently run them off, before you even know they were in the area!

whitetail buck in velvet hiding in brush

Part of your preparation should include several different rituals.

For your hunting clothes, make sure that they are washed in a scent control product, such as Dead Down Wind, and then dried with dryer sheets that are specially formulated to remove, mask, and control odor.

In a pinch, you can also use baking soda, which seems to do a decent job in odor control.

Before washing your clothing, first run your washing machine with just baking soda in it, to rinse out the regular detergent smell.

Hang your clothing outside in the fresh air after washing and drying. Keep them in a sealed, plastic bag, away from household odors.

Certain hunting clothes, such as those using activated carbon, require special care when washing, so be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Shower with scent control soap and shampoo, and make sure you dry off in a towel that has been washed in the same detergent that you use for your hunting clothes. Also use a scent control deodorant, like Scent Shield or Scent A Way.

For your feet, rubber boots are best, as they are not as porous, thereby they do not absorb and retain as much odor as other boots do. Make sure you tuck your pants inside of your boots.

Always wear gloves, and while on your way to your hunting area, do not touch things! Move any twigs, or brush out of your way, with the end of your crossbow.

Remember to take your time getting to your stand, as you do not want to work up a sweat.

You can also use either a store bought scent control cover, or natural scents from the environment such as pine twigs, leaves, and even mud, to help mask any odor.

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big whitetail buck in velvet

european skull mount whitetail buck

whitetail buck coming out of thicket