Hunting Camo Necessities

When crossbow hunting, camo clothing is not optional!

It is critical that you blend into your surroundings, since your shot must be at a fairly close range.

There is a lot of choice when it comes to deciding about camo hunting clothing.

hunter camouflaged in woods

Besides there being various camo patterns, such as Mossy Oak, there are also Scent Lok suits that have a built in carbon system to help reduce human odor.

Every year, women's camo clothes are getting a little bit easier to find, as the legalizing of crossbows, has enabled more and more women to be able to hunt.

Your camouflage disguise should include face masks, gloves, and a hat.

Besides keeping you warm, hunting gloves serve a dual purpose in that they help to eliminate human scent, when you travel to and from your area. Even while wearing them, try to keep any touching of twigs, or branches, to a bare minimum. big Whiteail buck

Camouflaged deer hunting hats are not only to keep you warm, but to also hold down your scent, much of which, is emitted through your scalp.

Camo face masks are necessary so you do not spook the deer, and yes, they can spot your face, even from way up in a deer stand!

Boots are a very important item that you need to have and we prefer rubber hunting boots, as they do not leave behind your scent like leather ones can, since rubber is not very porous.

You will want several pair of socks, especially when it is cold. They should be layered over and under pants to help keep scent in and the cold out.

Under Armour Cold Gear is one of our favorite products on the market! These are so much better than traditional Long Johns, and have really enabled us to stay out in the woods longer on bitterly cold days.

camouflaged hunter walking in woods

Hand and toe warmers are also a smart choice to have. We keep extras in our pouch so they are there when we need them.

A bag, waist pack, or camo backpack of some sort, is a necessity, to hold items such as, binoculars, flashlight, water, etc., while walking into your area.

We actually keep a couple of different camo bags with us. One we carry in with us, and another one has supplies in it for tracking deer and field dressing, which we keep in the truck until needed.

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