How to Shoot a Bow

Practicing Crossbow Shooting

People assume because of how a crossbow works, that they do not need to learn how to shoot a bow properly. how to shoot a bow, a crossbow being aimed to shoot

This is a wrong assumption that may cost you a trophy buck!

Though the learning curve for crossbows is not steep, trust me, there is one, especially if you are switching from gun hunting to crossbow hunting!

The great thing about crossbows is that they do not recoil!

They actually go in a slight, forward motion when fired, rather than a backward motion.

There is no need for a recoil pad. The only reason you would need one is if the crossbow is too short for you, which in that case, one could be fitted for your needs.

When you cock your bow, it needs to be cocked evenly, or your shot will be off target.

crossbow hunting, cocking a crossbow

Make sure that when you pull up on the string, that you are pulling it evenly on both sides.

Have your fingers up against the rail, to guide your hands, so that it is an even pull all the way.

Even if you choose to use some type of crossbow cocking device, you will still need to make sure the string is properly positioned when cocking.

When you slide the arrow into the rail, make sure that it goes all the way back until it stops. If the arrow is not seated against the string, your shot can be off target.

The design of a crossbow is made so when the bow is properly cocked, it automatically goes into safety and stays that way until you take it off of safety.

When you shoot your bow, make sure your supporting hand, thumb, and fingers are under the stock and not resting on top of the rail!

howtoshootacrossbow howtoshootacrossbow"
Correct Positioning Incorrect Positioning

As many of us have learned the hard way, the force of the string into a thumb, is a lesson that only needs taught one time!

It can do some serious damage to your thumb or fingers!

To uncock your crossbow, it is safest to simply load a practice arrow into it and then shoot the arrow either into a target, or into the ground.

Some people will use their hands or a cocking rope to uncock the bow, but this leaves the possibility of damaging the bow, or getting hurt, if it slips.

Never dry fire the bow! This will absolutely break the limbs! Also, remember to periodically wax the bow strings and rail lube the serving and rail. crossbow shooting, a crossbow being shot

If you are not sure of the correct placement for a kill shot, then study the Whitetail deer's anatomy and target practice until you feel comfortable in finding their kill zone.

A straight shot into a target bag is easy, but doesn't necessarily simulate a true hunting scenario.

Hunting means different angles, judging various distances, and possibly bulky clothing in your way, along with the adrenaline of seeing a big buck! This is why it is so important to know your bow!

If you sight in your bow in just a T-shirt, you may want to practice again with heavy clothes on, to make sure they do not hinder your shot, and note any adjustments that may be needed.

If you don't want a heavy coat on to practice winter shooting, tie a towel on the butt of your bow to simulate the thickness of winter clothes.

Learning how to shoot a bow well, long before hunting season opens, will make you a better prepared hunter, no matter what the situation.

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