How to Mount Deer Antlers

Learn how to do a European Mount or make shed antler crafts!

There are several different options when it comes to deciding how to mount deer antlers, and we will try and give you a few different ideas. European deer mounts are a beautiful and decorative way to show off your trophy buck, if you are not interested in having a full mount made. how to mount deer antlers, 2 European deer mounts

There are a couple of different ways to make your own European mount, and using the Dermestid Beetle is a fascinating project that produces a truly professional looking skull.

If you decide to raise Dermestid Beetles, there are a few tricks to their food, care and housing that you will want to consider, but they really are not that hard to raise.

There are also a few things you will need to do with your deer skull before feeding it to your bugs, but nothing more than you would need to do with any other type of skull cleaning for European mounts.

Another great idea is to use antler mounts. These come in a variety of styles and even include camo skulls like the one pictured on the right side of this page.

Shed antlers can be used for all sorts of things, including being great chew toys for your dogs. No joke! Our dogs love them, and they are great for their teeth!

But for those of you that can not stand the thought of using your deer's antler sheds in this way, there are other options!

We have made various antler crafts that not only decorate the house, but also have useful purposes.

You can turn the tips of antlers into pull chains for your ceiling fans as a practical and decorative use for your home.

Making a necklace or key chain is so quick and easy that even the kids can do most of it themselves.

deer antler ceiling fan pullstrings deer antler hat or coat rack

deer antler necklace deer antler table mount

Another option is to cut and mount the antlers into a coat or hat rack.

There is also the option of making an antler mount that you can do yourself without having to buy a kit, and we will show you how!

There are dozens of ways to use deer antlers. These are a few of ours, to help get you started!

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2 Whitetail Bucks Sparring

chocolate Whitetail sheds mounted

huge Whitetail buck