Homemade Archery Targets

How to Make Archery Targets!

Making homemade archery targets are great in so many ways! homemade archery target

They are extremely quick and simple to build, only cost about $1.00 and are made with old clothing, so your wife will be happy when she sees you cleaning out your closet!

A true win-win situation!

To build your own archery target, you will need two 100 pound feedbags from your local feed and grain store. They cost around 50 cents a piece.

Turn them inside out and then put one down inside of the other.

Go through your closet and grab any and all clothing that you no longer use.

homemade archery target with arrow in place

Cut out all zippers, snaps, and buttons, so that you do not hit any of those with your field points.

To make archery targets, simply stuff the feedbag with the old clothing.

We position any jeans we will be using in the middle of the bag, and save the other clothing for the bottom and top of the target bag.

To close the top of the bag, you have several options. You can use a large craft, sewing needle and sew it closed with yarn.

You can take a drawstring out of one of your old hoodies and if you do not have an appropriate needle, you can use a piece of metal wire that has been folded in half and tape the drawstring to it.

homemade archery target, stitiching it closed

Or you can also use zip ties to close the top of the bag.

When you sew the top closed, use a whipstitch closing, rather than a running seam. (See photo.)

For your target area, you can make this as plain or as fancy as you like. We just use circles, but you can draw anything you please, including the side of a deer.

We used a permanent black marker rather than spray paint, as it seems to cover better.

homemade archery targets, how to hang the target

To hang the target, we simply used zip ties on both sides of the bag. Later, your target can be turned upside down for longer use.

We shot our archery target with a Tenpoint Defender which shoots around 350 fps. We used a 20 inch carbon express crossbow bolt with a 100 gr. field point.

It had 9 inches of penetration and pulls out of the bag easily.

So, go ahead, make your own homemade archery targets, save money, and keep your woman happy!

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