Grinding Venison

Grinding venison at home, will save you a lot of money, even if you have to invest in a grinder.

It costs a ridiculous amount of money to get a deer processed, and unfortunately, you may not always bring home as much venison from a processing plant, as you do when grinding your own. venison through a deer meat grinder

I worked for about 10 years with deer processors, and due to mass production, there was little care in making sure they were getting all of the meat off.

We skin our deer clear up to the head, as the neck has a lot of meat on it.

We even cut the meat that is between the ribs, as a little care in getting it all off of the bone, will add 2 to 10 pounds to your grind, depending upon the size of the deer.

We use an electric grinder, but if you do not plan on grinding a lot of venison, a manually operated (hand crank) deer meat grinder, may work just fine for your household.

We cut the venison into 2 to 3 inch cubes, and cut out the large pieces of fat, gristle, and sinew.

A 6mm plate will help with what little gristle and sinew is missed during the de-boning process.

If using a 4.5mm grinding plate, we recommend cutting every bit of gristle, tendons, and sinew out, as it will clog your plate, and turn the whole process into a time consuming mess.

It doesn't matter what style or brand of grinder we used, it was the plate size that caused the difficulty, and by switching to the 6mm, we have great results.

tub of freshly ground venison

When making ground venison, we run the meat through the grinder twice, and are extremely pleased with the results.

Grinding it twice is optional, but the final product is much smoother and visually pleasing, if ground a second time!

The taste stays the same, regardless.

We find that a scale for weighing the amounts is extremely handy, especially if you are going to be mixing other types of meat into it, for flavorful hamburger patties, or sausage.

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