Field Dressing Kit Essentials

There are certain items that are essential to have in your field dressing kit.

Though you can buy kits that are already pre assembled, we prefer to make our own, as that way we are assured of having what we use and like, along with a few additional items. essential items for field dressing deer

We keep a separate pack in our truck, that is this just for this use.

In our kit for field dressing deer, we have our favorite knife plus a spare, and a small axe.

The axe is great for chopping the pelvic bone apart, and also the sternum, or chest cavity, as it is commonly referred to.

We also use “Butt Out” which is a tool that makes disconnecting the anal alimentary canal and extracting the membrane, a much easier job.

Though we do not always use them, we do put thin rubber gloves inside of the bag, so we have them when necessary.

We put paper towels and a bottle of water in our kit for rinsing our tools and hands off after gutting the deer, and then also throw in some ziploc bags for putting the knives and axe in, to keep our pack from getting wet and messy.

We also keep a pen and some twist ties, for marking and attaching the tag to our kill.

Our basic field dressing pack covers everything we need and doesn't take a lot of extra space.

Here are some items you may find useful for your pack.
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