Deer Hunting Blinds

Are They a Smart Choice?

Deer hunting blinds can be a good alternative for those that are not interested in using a tree stand.

However, there are a few things to consider before making that decision.

deer hunting blinds, group of 5 whitetail does

Pop-up or portable deer blinds, are safe to use and are great for youth hunts, or for anyone that does not do well in sitting still, as they do hide a lot of movement.

Obviously, they keep you protected from the elements, such as rain, snow, and wind chill.

If you will be doing a lot of hunting during cold weather, you can easily take a small, propane camping heater with you and stay warm while you hunt.

There is room to stretch out some and having extra equipment is not a problem, other than carrying it in with you.

They can help minimize some scent, although not as much as a tree stand will, but they are portable and can be easily moved.

There are some important disadvantages in using them.

Because you are at ground level, you can not easily see when the deer are moving into your area.

You can not use expandable broadheads on your crossbow if you are going to shoot through the screen netting. You will need to use a fixed blade, such as a Muzzy broadhead. deer hunting blinds, a deer blind concealed in foliage

Blinds are darker inside, therefore causing you to lose hunting time.

Depending on the location of your blinds, you can lose close to 45 minutes of legal shooting time!

And as we all know, the evening dusk can be prime time for bucks to arrive.

Some of this time can be compensated for by using a light gathering crossbow scope, but even with that, you will still lose some of those precious moments.

All in all, deer hunting blinds can be a good choice depending on your needs.

If you do decide to use portable deer blinds, make sure they are camouflaged into the environment.

It only takes a little bit more of your time to conceal them properly, but the time spent now can make your hunting trip much more successful!

Some hunters are interested in making ground blinds from their natural surroundings, and this can work well, especially in circumstances where you do not plan to hunt the area often.

The biggest disadvantage to this, is that your scent carries further, and any movement you make, may be more easily detected. You also do not have any type of protection from the weather.

We have used both types of set up, and have always had successful hunts!

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