Natural Deer Attractants

Hunting in areas that have natural deer attractants are a great choice if baiting is illegal in your state. whitetail doe getting a drink of water

When hunting Whitetails, utilizing every available option you have is always a good idea. This includes using the Whitetail's native habitat and routines.

Many hunters tend to forget the fact that deer need water intake daily.

Mature bucks prefer to drink from secluded water sources, rather than open areas, and a muddy puddle works just fine for them!

If there are isolated water sources in your hunting area, this can be a good choice to hunt in.

Deer also love crops. Placing a stand near a corn, wheat, or soybean field will greatly up your chances, especially if they border a wooded area.

rotting apples laying on ground

Old apple orchards are frequented often by deer, as well as other fruit bearing trees, such as pear and peach.

Oak trees are also great natural attractants!

White or Red Oak acorns are greatly desired by Whitetails, and you will often see them feeding there.

Hickory Nut and Beechnut trees are another option, as well as Aspen and Dogwood trees.

When scouting your hunting area, look for some of these natural food attractants, and note where the deer are bedded.

If you can set up between where they bed and where their food sources are, this will help in your hunting success.

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big whitetail buck in velvet

european skull mount whitetail buck

whitetail buck coming out of thicket