Using Acorns as a Deer Attractant

Many people know that Whitetails eat acorn, but may not realize how big of a deer attractant it really is!

I have a few photos for you to look at, as they are pretty amazing.

We have a big oak tree in the yard.

It dropped hundreds of acorns this year.

However, we had the dogs outside and they were within reach of most of them.

Those acorns laid on the ground for several months.

When winter arrived we brought the dogs into the house.

About a week after the dogs were brought in, we woke up to our yard looking as if something had totally ripped it apart.

There was a good 3 inches of snow on the ground.

The temperatures had stayed close to zero for well over a week, so the ground was frozen solid.

All of this damage was caused in one night!

We do feed our Whitetails year round, so it isn't as if they were starving to death.

This last picture simply shows how many tracks were heading into the yard for a late night snack!

If it is legal where you live, you may want to consider using acorn as deer bait.

If it isn't legal to bait Whitetails in your area, you may want to consider hunting near a big Oak tree!

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2 Whitetail Bucks Sparring

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