Deer Antler Mount

Camo Skull Mount

A deer antler mount is great for those that only want to show off their antlers whether it is from a buck you shot or a great pair of sheds you've found! camo deer antler mount

The camo skull we have shown here is actually put together from some big antler sheds.

We had hunted this buck but never got a shot on him, so we were thrilled when his sheds were tracked down and we definitely wanted him mounted.

We purchased “Mountain Mike's” camo design and found it was fairly easy to use.

Caution should be used as the camo pattern can be scraped off, but this can be re-colored easily with a marker, crayon or lead pencil, which is what I used.

For precise drilling of the holes in the antler, I would recommend having someone help with holding them correctly on the skull while the holes are being drilled.

This will help with the correct angle for your screws. Mine is fairly straight but could be better if I had had someone hold the antlers.

All in all, I was very pleased with the results. This kit does not come with the wooden plaque. We had to make that ourselves.

There are other options available that produce a nice looking deer antler mount.

For an unique look, there is the iron buck that gives a brushed steel finish.

You can also go with the traditional red or green velvet coverings or a faux leather antler covering. Some of these styles include a metal plate for engraving purposes.

One of the designs even allows you to keep the original skull plate in case you later decide to have him mounted.

All in all, no matter which style you decide to use for your skull mount, you really can't go wrong!

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