Crossbow Targets

Crossbow targets come in a wide variety of styles and options. However, not all of them can be used with broadheads.

Bag targets are made for field point practice only. They are a good option if you are just wanting to target shoot.

If you are interested in learning how to make your own homemade archery targets, for field point practice, we have constructed one that holds up well to a crossbow, and is cheap to make.

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There are different types of foam archery targets, that can be used with field points, fixed blade, and mechanical broadheads.

Some of these are layered foam pieces and others are a solid foam block.

The layered foam archery target that we have shown here, has taken a few years worth of abuse and is still holding up well.

We have used this for crossbow practice, many, many times!

Sometimes one of the layers will get knocked out of place, in which you can simply take a utility blade and slice it off, if you want your target to look smoother.

Many of the deer target decoys can be used, not only for target shooting, but they can also double as a hunting decoy.

We took this photo of our deer target up against a tree, just for the purpose of the picture.

Do not actually place yours at a tree, due to the chance of missing your mark.

If you want one just for target practice, you need to remember to take it down when you are finished using it, if you have deer in the area!

Our poor decoy has taken quite a bit of abuse by other bucks when we did not disassemble it for the night.

He was beat up on 3 separate occasions!

One time he was disassembled into 5 pieces, including his horns.

He now has a gouged out eye, an ear ripped off, a broken leg, and many gore holes!

Obviously, the other bucks in the area did find him to be a threat, and decided to show him who was boss!

Make sure that any deer decoy target you are considering, will withstand the use of a fixed blade broadhead or mechanical. Most of the better ones will, but a few of the cheaper models may not.

Crossbow targets range from $20 clear up to a few hundred dollars, depending upon the style and brand you choose.

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