Crossbow String Wax and Rail Lube

Important Crossbow Maintenance

Using crossbow string wax and rail lube regularly is part of proper crossbow maintenance.

Waxing your string keeps it lubricated, prevents dry rotting, and will dramatically extend its life. How often you will need to wax it will depend on the outside elements and the amount of usage.

You should run the string between your thumb and forefinger, on a regular basis, and see if it feels good and waxed.

When you do wax it, make sure you wax only the string and not the serving. A tube of Bohning string wax

To wax it, rub the wax from the container with a little pressure onto the strands of your string. You want it to look like it has a little too much on it.

Then take your forefinger and thumb and with pressure on the string, slide your fingers up and down it several times. You will feel the heat caused by friction, as this is what will soak the wax into your string.

Use a good brand product. We like and use Bohning brand.

The serving and the rail on your crossbow needs to be lubed.

Some people use vaseline for this, but that is a bad idea! Vaseline is too thick making it easy for dirt, and briers to stick to it, which then gets dragged back into the trigger mechanism.

That in turn will goop up the trigger causing your trigger to be a little stiffer in winter.

The rail should be lubed with a good rail lubricant. Use it sparingly, but make sure it covers. Using more than a thin layer will just cause build-up inside of the trigger box as it collects dirt and grime, having a similar effect as the vaseline.

A tube of scorpion venom rail lube

I like to lay a thin layer down the rail and use a Q-tip to spread it around for good coverage.

Using the Q-tip will help you to cover the rail which runs under the trigger box.

I also put a very thin layer on the serving bottom.

Keep an eye on your rail and keep it lubed as necessary, according to the elements and amount of bow usage.

We have found that Scorpion Venom Rail Lube is one of the best you can buy.

You can put one drop between your fingers and rub them together and easily see just how good and smooth it is.

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