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This question comes from Tim:

I just put a Stryker StrykeZone 380 x-crossbow on layaway. Is this a good choice for hunting? I am having second thoughts, as I don't know anything about x-bows and have hunted with compounds for years.

Any tips or advice with my dilemma?

Thanks Tim

Our Reply:

Tim, I have not shot the new StrykeZone myself. I do know when they first came out there was a trigger issue. They re-called the bows claiming a "Trigger Upgrade".

I happen to know for a fact, the bows were going off on their own. There were also some limb problems with the camo limbs. The ones with black limbs supposedly had no problems.

Bowtech has supposedly addressed all this and now has an ultimate bow for the money and speed you are getting. I myself am going to wait a year or so before I'd consider buying one. I had a Desert Stryker and couldn't wait to sell it. I have shot or owned about 80 crossbows and I hated this one.

I currently own a couple of Tenpoints and a Parker Tornado. The Parker Tornado is the best bow for the money I have ever spent. Although a little slower (330 fps) compared to the StrykeZone, it is plenty fast for all bow hunting situations I have encountered.

Parker's Customer Service is one of the best I have ever dealt with. Parker has a lifetime warranty. I had problems with a Parker Hurricane and they not only fixed it fast and free, but also sent me free products for my troubles.

I have seen a few barely used Tornado's going for $500-$575 on Ebay recently. There is one on there brand new right now for $629 with free shipping. (as of March 2012)

Good Luck with your choice and please let us know what you did choose and what you really think of it. As a side note, we tried to personally email you and the email kept bouncing back to us, so we hope you find your answer here!

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