Crossbow Red Dot Scopes

How to Use Them Correctly

For your crossbow, red dot scopes are a good choice, if you are using them correctly!

deer kill zone for crossbow arrow

On a single dot scope, where you aim on the deer will be according to the distance of the deer from you.

Where to shoot a deer goes into greater detail on this, but this chart gives you a basic idea of where to place your mark. correct and incorrect red dot placement

Make sure the circle is in the center of the scope, or your shot will be way off target.

Many people do not seem to realize that just because the red mark is on the correct placement of the deer, that doesn't mean your shot will be true.

It doesn't even guarantee that you'll come close to the deer at all!

If the red circle is off center of the middle of the scope, your arrow is not going to go where you expect it to.

The arrow follows the center of the scope, not the red speck!

Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to line up the dot in the center of the scope, then line that up on the correct placement of your target!

3 dot crossbow scope inside view

Practice your shots by centering your scope as well as possible.

As for a 3 dot scope, the different dots compensate for the yardage.

No matter what yardage mark you use, you still aim at the same spot.

deer kill zone for 3 dot scope

When you change the yardage you are using, this automatically shifts the crossbow to the correct position for you, rather than you having to move the position.

Remember to keep the dots aligned in the center for this scope also.

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