Why Use a Crossbow Cocking Device?

Making an Accurate Shot When Crossbow Hunting

If you are wondering why you would use a crossbow cocking device, that's simple! Precision cocking means precision shooting!

Though I'm strong enough to manually cock my own bow, I now use a cocking string device instead.

Cocking strings reduce the weight of the pull by about 50%, but they also insure that the string is perfectly even when cocked.

This is an important factor!

If you do not evenly cock your crossbow, then the flight of your arrow will be affected.

If one side is pulled harder than the other, as most people have a dominant arm, then the center of your string can be pulled either too far right or too far left, thus causing shots that go either right or left of where you intended for them to go.

Using a string cocker can prevent this, as they glide the string evenly up the sides of the rail as you pull on their handles.

Regular string cockers have a plastic, nylon guide that rides against the rail, and will blemish some camo patterns.

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If your bow is solid color, then it doesn't matter. After time, you might see a few scuffs, though not always, but it will not affect the performance of your bow.

Parker makes a cocking string device that has wheels that run along the rail and they prevent damage or tearing of fancy camo stock. These wheels are specifically for that purpose. Ones with rollers cost a little more.

Another crossbow cocking device is a crank cocker. There are advantages and disadvantages to using one of these.

They work similar to a fishing reel, in that you hook them to the string and then reel in the lines as they pull the string up into a cocked position.

This device will reduce the pull by well over 50%, but most are heavy and bulky.

Though some of the new ones are smaller, they still have quite a bit of weight to them, in comparison to their size.

If you are physically able to cock your bow with a string, that is less weight and bulk to have to carry into the woods with you.

However, if you are not able to cock your own crossbow, then a crank cocker device, is a good item to own. Here are some good ones on the market.

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