Crossbow Accuracy

Many people wonder about crossbow accuracy and if certain crossbows have better accuracy than others.

Precision cocking, straight arrows, proper weight target tips and practice is the foundation for accuracy.

The bottom line is, a crossbow is only as accurate as the person shooting it!

Practice is what makes perfect, not the brand of the bow!

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Along those same lines, if you are trying to use the bow in ways that it was not intended for, then obviously your shot will be affected.

If the recommended shooting range for your crossbow is 40 yards and you are trying to make a 70 yard shot, then obviously you can't blame the crossbow when you miss your target!

I myself can shoot a 3" dot consistently out to 55 yards, but I have practiced it on a regular basis and feel comfortable with that shot.

That said, there are several things you can do for your bow, to make your shot as precise as possible.

You need to make sure that you are using the scope correctly, or you will never make a true shot.

Crossbows must be properly cocked! If they are not evenly cocked, their accuracy will be affected!

Even if you are strong enough to manually cock your own bow, using a cocking string is a better option, to guarantee it is being cocked evenly and not off center.

Make sure you are using the recommended arrows and broadhead weight that your bow calls for.

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Also make sure that your arrows are straight, as sometimes they can have a slight bend, that is not readily noticeable to the naked eye.

Knowing the distance to your target will keep your shots accurate, so either keep a range finder handy, or mark off your hunting areas with tiny markers for distance.

Routinely inspecting your bow along with proper maintenance, will keep it in good working order.

It is up to you to learn how your bow handles at various distances, angles, and elements.

When you do feel confident with various ranges: Never shoot through twigs or brush as arrows are slender and fast but will be deflected easily.

True crossbow accuracy takes practice. The great news is, crossbows are fun to shoot, so practicing with them is a pleasure, instead a chore!

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