Carbon Crossbow Arrows

Aluminum Vs. Carbon Bolts

You may be wondering which is better, aluminum or carbon crossbow arrows?

Our personal preference is carbon, and that is all we use now. We have a few different reasons for this. Carbons are more durable.

They are either broken, or are straight and ready to shoot! There is no in-between!

An aluminum arrow can bend and will not always be straight after shooting a few times.

They can appear to be straight, but a slight bend and your accuracy is out the door.

They do cost less and are easier to refletch, but they don't take stress as well as the carbons.

A carbon arrow makes more noise when fired, but is lighter weight and stronger.

photo of TenPoint carbon arrows

The lighter weight means it shoots faster, and with flatter trajectory.

However, it loses velocity more quickly, and because of that, there is a debate over the depth of penetration between some people.

Nevertheless, since we are talking about hunting purposes, depth of penetration really isn't an issue, as long as you are deer hunting within normal, recommended ranges.

photo of Horton brand carbon arrows

Carbon crossbow arrows are more expensive, but in the long haul, may actually be cheaper since you are not always replacing them.

Make sure you get the correct nock for your bow, as it will take either flat or half moon nocks.

Manufacturers also give you a recommended list of arrows for their particular crossbows.

Faster arrows seem to shoot better using mechanical broadheads when compared to fixed blade.

A carbon arrow seems to do well with 100 grain while aluminum often does well with 125 grain. But check the specifications for your particular bow.

And just in case you're wondering, bolts is the old, technical term for the arrows that a crossbow shoots. Almost everyone now refers to them as simply arrows, but they are one and the same!

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