Camouflage Shower Curtain

Bone Collector & Other Deer Bath Accessories

When I first wanted a camouflage shower curtain, it was pretty hard to find one.

Now companies are realizing that there is a demand for deer bath accessories, and are making some really great products for this often overlooked room!

We have a wide range of designs here, including camouflage, Whitetails, and the Bone Collector series.

We also have coordinating switch plate covers, shower curtain hooks, tissue box covers, wastebaskets, rugs, and toothbrush holders!

There are some nice Whitetail towel racks and curtains, an antler toilet paper holder, and my personal favorite, a camo toilet seat, and yep, I own one of those, too!

I think you'll enjoy choosing from this assortment.
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2 Whitetail Bucks Sparring

chocolate Whitetail sheds mounted

huge Whitetail buck