Archery Broadheads

When crossbow hunting, choosing the right archery broadheads are a matter of life and death, literally!

Cheaper archery broadheads are exactly what they are, cheap!

In that moment of truth if things didn't go as planned and you missed your trophy buck due to inefficient broadheads, what would you give to have that moment back?

Don't let the choice of paying $10 to $20 more for a good brand, ruin a moment of glory and turn it into regret instead!

For fixed blade broadheads, we absolutely swear by Muzzy broadheads. They are exceptional quality and will get the job done!

As for fixed blades, we prefer using a 3 blade for a few reasons.

10 point Whitetail buck grazing

Though many deer do die from a 4 blade, we don't use them, or care for them, as they line up strange on a crossbow.

We feel the 3 blades align better and are easily tuned.

When it comes to a mechanical archery broadhead, we really like Rage and Spitfire.

We like the size of the cut and the way they shoot.

Along with deciding on the brand and style, it is equally important to take the time before going hunting to make sure they are adjusted and shooting correctly, and to properly clean them after use.

Replacement blades can be bought for almost any broadhead. Replacing blades on a mechanical can be a bit tedious, but can be done.

Blades can be sharpened, and nicks and burrs taken off. There are several sharpening tools on the market that have various price ranges.

 a fixed blade and a mechanical blade

Crossbow speed isn't worth much if your broadhead blade isn't sharp!

Some fixed blades won't fly like a field point. You should always shoot a couple into a foam archery target to make sure your bow is tuned.

Using a foam target makes it easier to get your broadhead back out.

If your archery field points are shooting bullseye and your broadhead isn't, this doesn't mean that the broadhead is bad, it probably just needs tuning.

Use the archery field points to get zeroed in on your target, the size of a quarter spot, but no bigger than a golf ball size.

Then shoot your broadhead and adjust accordingly.

When shooting to fine tune, shoot one arrow at a time or pick a different spot on the target. Otherwise, eventually you're going to ruin the fletching and possibly the arrow.

I'd rather spend my time shooting my bow than re-fletching arrows any day!

After hunting, make sure you clean your broadheads as quickly as possible.

If broadhead condition isn't 100%, you're scrimping on the important things and when it comes to deer hunting, it's the little things that matter!

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